In their foot steps

Sayyid Muhammadali Shihab Thangal
Founder Advisor of CIC and spiritual leader of muslims in Kerala
KK Aboobakar Hazrath
Founder of Markazu Tharbiyyathil Islamiyya, the headquarters of CIC



Sayyid Hyderali Shihab Thangal

Assistant Rector

KT Hamza Musliyar
Shamsul Ulama Academy Vengappalli

Assistant Rector

Hydros Musliyar Cheruvaloor
Daruthaqwa Islamic Academy

Assistant Rector

K.A Rahman Faizy
Majma Kavanoor

Assistant Rector

Abdul Latheef Faizy Pathiramanna
Subulu Rashad Iringattiri



Abdul Hakeem Faizy Athrissery
Markzutharbiyyathil Islamiyya

Assistant Co-ordinator

Habeebulla Faizy
Darul Uloom Thootha

Assistant Co-ordinator

Ahmed Faizy

Assistant Co-ordinator

Dr. Tajudheen Wafy
Grace wally, Kottakkal

Assistant Co-ordinator

Dr. Hassan Shareef Wafy



Ali FaizyParal
Darul Uloom Thootha

Senate and Syndicate


This general body is comprised of six members each (three faculty members and three management representatives) from all affiliated colleges. The total number of this body currently stands at 198


This executive body is comprised of two members (one faculty member and another management representative) from each affiliated college. The total strength of this body currently stands at 66

Advisory Council

This three-member council comprises the President of Samastha Kerala Jam’iyathulUlema (the supreme council of Islamic Scholars in Kerala), the President of Jamia Nooriya (the mother Islamic institute in Kerala) and a nominated independent member.

Sayyid Hyderali Shihab Thangal
President, Jamia Nooriyya
President, Samastha Kerala Jam’iyathul Ulama
Hamzakutty Musliyar Athrissery
(G. Secretary, Markzu Tharbiyyathil Islamiyya)

Academic Council

This body is comprised of five members elected from the syndicate and two eminent educationists nominated from outside the affiliated colleges.

Sayd Muhammed Nizami
Dr.NAM Abdul Kader
(Jo. Director)
Ali Husain Wafy
(Member Secretary)
Abdul Salam Faizy
Dr. Swalahudheen Wafy
Muhammed Faizy Adimaly
Dr. Ayyoob Wafy

Examination Board

This panel comprises four members elected from the Senate; and the remaining three, out of which one will be the head of the body, will be nominated from outside the affiliated colleges.

K. Alikutty Musliyar
Kunjamu Faizee
Usman Faizy
(Member Secretary)
Ibrahim Faizy
Latheef Rahmani
Noorudheen Hudawi
Sidheeq Faizy Karippur

Publishing Bureau

This body is comprised of five members elected from the Senate.

Naser Haji
Hafiz Naseerudheen Baqavi
Bujair Wafy Kuttippuram
(Member Secretary)
Noufal Wafy Kizakkoth
Majid Wafy

Finance Committee

This body is comprised of members elected from the Senate.

Azeez Haji Puthanchira
(Assistant Director)
Ibrahim Faizy Rippon
(Member Secretary)
Abdussamad Pookkottoor
Sayed Sabiqali Shihab