Vision and Mission

  • To disseminate the peaceful message of Islam by promoting Islamic scholarship and creating an enlightened group of Islamic resource persons.

  • To conceptualize, design and revise academic programmes capable of promoting peaceful coexistence of various religions and societies in India.

  • To achieve a closer integration of various streams of knowledge, by bridging the gap and achieving the synergy between religious/spiritual and secular/material studies.

  • To promote the beauty of Islamic thought and way of life by funneling religious resource persons in all spheres of the public life.

  • To revise the syllabus and course of study adapting to the latest educational methods and advanced international pedagogical principles.

  • To ensure the upbringing of the younger generation in Islamic ambience.

  • To enable Muslims to learn and internalize knowledge from a broad Islamic intellectual perspective.

  • To improve the quality of Islamic resource people and in turn,enabling them to contribute to the improvement of the social and educational status of the Muslims.

  • To enhance the educational, social and intellectual status of Muslim women.