Course Attractions

Committed to Excellence

To maintain excellent academic quality, the CIC has taken the following measures:

  • While choosing faculty members it always seeks to synthesize experience and innovation, by achieving synergy between experienced teachers and innovative young blood.
  • Instead of centralization at one campus and one locality, the CIC has its affiliated colleges spread across the length and breadth of the state of Kerala and outside Kerala.
  • Students live under constant guidance and supervision of teachers so that they can take exclusive care of pupils’ education and upbringing.
  • The academic programmes and extracurricular activities are designed with utmost care and accuracy.
  • Understanding the importance of infrastructure facilities and good ambience in educational growth and mental health of the students, the CIC has made it mandatory for all affiliated colleges to set up quality infrastructure facilities at their campuses, making them compete to improve themselves and to get stars based on their performance in this regard. Women’s colleges under the CIC are requested to facilitate an exclusive campus taking into account their privacy requirements.