Academic System

The CIC has designed its curriculum, courses and academic programmes by harnessing the rich traditional Islamic curriculum that developed in India for centuries. Wafy and Wafiya courses have been tailored by updating the traditional Nizamiya syllabus that has been practiced by Islamic colleges in India for centuries.

While retaining the spirit of the traditional syllabus intact, modification has been achieved by introducing new topics and updating some traditional subjects. These measures were introduced to meet the new challenges and needs of time.

At preparatory level, the syllabus was designed by giving emphasis on Arabic language skills, with great emphasis on listening, speaking, reading and writing. This comprehensive strategy of teaching language is designed to learn Arabic and acquire its natural skills in the style of a mother's schooling in which children learn the way their mothers language. With the help of qualified teachers and modern technologies, students can be enabled to learn the language in a fun-filled creative environment through listening, speaking, reading and writing

The CIC has taken its cue from the various Islamic universities and Al-Azhar has been treated as a model. In addition, UGC-approved courses in Science, Commerce and Humanities have become an integral part of the curriculum. By equipping its curriculum with modern teaching methods and blending tradition and modernity as well as secular and scared streams of education, the CIC is focussed on moulding morally committed professionals, intellectuals and spiritual leaders who are grounded in the Islamic scholarly tradition and conversant with the scientific, cultural, political, and intellectual currents that are shaping the modern society.

A rigorous Wafy Academic Calendar manages to gain 20 weeks of six working days in a semester (a total of 120 working days a semester / 240 working days a year). Through these courses, the CIC envisions to create a truly spiritual paradigm of knowledge, blending the theoretical and a practical disciplines.