Vision & Mission

Mission & Vision

  • In-depth teaching of Islamic faith.
  • Achieving closer integration of different paradigms of knowledge and streams of wisdom by wedding classical Islamic studies with contemporary sciences.
  • To enable the Muslims to learn and internalise knowledge from a broad Islamic intellectual perspective.
  • Standardizing and revising the curricula of Islamic studies, in tune with the contemporary educational methodology and international best practices.
  • Promoting the beauty of Islamic thought and propagating the peaceful message of Islam by funnelling competent religious resource people in all spheres of the public life.
  • Raising the stature of religious culture and of religious resource people, in addition to bridging the sacred- scientific divide among the intellectuals, resulted from a watertight segregation of religious and scientific ethos.
  • Promoting peaceful coexistence of various religions and societies.
  • Raising the new generation in an Islamic environment.
  • Enhancing the educational, social and intellectual status of Muslim women.
  • Engaging in a broad spectrum of civic, humanitarian and environmental activities, cutting across religious, racial and linguistic divide.