Students Corner

Students Corner

Wafy Students Federation (WSF)

Wafy Students Federation (WSF) is the student wing of CIC, representing all the students from 90 colleges owned by or affiliated to CIC.

The federation is actively involved in conducting various programmes and social projects. It coordinates curricular and non-curricular activities of the students from all affiliated colleges. Some of the focus areas of its operations include empowering the students, developing their organizational and leadership skills and leveraging their creative potential for various vital social projects.

The WSF, which has been operational for over 15 years, has already made its presence felt by conducting some tremendously successful state-level events such as the biannual State Wafy Arts Fests and an international seminar under the theme 'Multi culturalism and world peace' etc. It also organizes a variety of interesting programmes to enhance the skills of the students such as elocution and writing training camps and media workshops etc. Another important event is the state-wide Wafy sports meet which is held by WSF in every two years. The organization utilises an effective networking system called ‘Wafy Orbit system’ to reach out to the community.


Working Committee 2019-2020

President: Ahmed Ameen KS

Vice Presidents: 
Arshad MM
Munavvar Alishan TK

Secretary: Muhamed Rafeef

Joint Secretaries: 
Mohammed Yasir
Shafeeq Edakkanad
Muhammed Shabeer VK

Treasurer: Muhammed Sahal BV


Major Activities

  • Sanitation and relief work in various parts of Kerala after the flood.
  • The Leadership Conclave under the theme 'Learn to Lead, Lead to Success'
  • Arabic Literature Festival
  • Artivism Art Exhibition, a creative protest event organized under the theme "Art is resistance", in solidarity with the nationwide protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act
  • A 10-month training course on Islamic Faith Science titled 'Beacon of Truth'.
  • A public speaking training programme called “Vagmeeyam”.
  • Writing Training Program called “Idreesiyya”
  • Medfoc Media Training event
  • Magazine competition, moral video competition, Best Union Award, Writing Award, CSS Award etc.