Entrance Examination

The CIC enrols students on its preparatory (Thamheediyya) course after a centralised entrance test.

To apply for Wafy, Wafiyya Entrance Examination, click here or visit
Application starts on May, 2021.
Entrance exam application fee:  500 

For more details, contact:

+91 7025 68 77 88
+91 9349 67 77 88
+91 9497  31 32 22


Who can apply

Those who are below 17 years and have successfully completed their Secondary School (10th standard) and passed the seventh grade from any Madrassa run by the Samastha Kerala Islam Matha Vidyabhyasa Board (or equivalent) can apply for the CIC’s centralised examination.

Those who are 17-18 years old can also apply for the entrance test after obtaining special permission.

Entrance Examination 2021

Date of the entrance examination for the year 2021-22 to the preparatory (Thamheediyya) course will be published later.



The final ranks in the entrance exam are decided after adding the weightage of the applicant’s marks in the SSLC (10th grade) public examination. 

In addition, those who have memorized the entire Qur'an will be given a weightage of up to 5 marks based on a Hifz Test conducted along with the entrance exam.

Those who stay in the vicinity of the Wafiyya colleges will also be given weightage marks in the Waffiya entrance examination for a fixed percentage of seats.

Format of the Entrance Test

The main entrance exam is a written test whereby students will be given multiple choice questions and will have to shade in their answers in an OMR sheet.


The CIC generally adopts a free learning and accommodation system based on merit selection. Some of our colleges accept donations of a monthly fee of not more than Rs. 3000 and Wafiyya Day colleges of not more than Rs. 1200.

How to apply?

To apply for Wafy / Wafiyya entrance examination, click here or visit

Application starts on May, 2021.
Entrance exam application fee: ₹ 500