Affiliation Criteria

New Affiliation

Affiliation Criteria

  1. The CIC affiliation will be granted to only those institutions that function within the ideological framework of the Samastha Kerala Jam’yathul Ulama (S1.1934/35).
  2. The institution must have an independent management.
  3. Before proceeding with the affiliation request, the management should study about the courses that the CIC offers and its suitability for their institution.
  4. The institution must be run throughout the full course period and shall never terminate its operation in the midway. A special contract to this effect is to be signed.
  5. The institution should be allowed to work independently.
  6. The management should take special care of the institution, giving top priority to improve the quality of education.
  7. The management should also take special care of the infrastructure facilities and other amenities of the institution.
  8. The management has to ensure that the institution is equipped with sufficient teaching and non-teaching staffs at the time of affiliation.
  9. The affiliation for each stage (Thamheediyya, Aliya and PG) will be granted separately when the institution meets the specifications for each stage.
  10. The affiliated institutions are obliged to abide by the guidelines and directions from the CIC on affiliation and examinations.
  11. The students’ union of all affiliated institutions are obliged to work as per the directions from the WSF state committee.
  12. An affiliation fee of Rs 25,000 shall be paid once the affiliation is granted while an inspection fee of Rs:2500 must be paid along with the affiliation application.
  13. Each affiliated college is obliged to pay the CIC a monthly charge of Rs 3,000.

Building Specifications for Affiliation

Before proceeding with an affiliation request for preparatory level, the institution should ensure that it’s equipped with the following infrastructure facilities and amenities on or before February 15 of the given academic year.

Sl. No. Particulars Preperatory Degree Total
1 Classrooms 800 1600 2400
2 Hostel 2400 4800 7200
3 Staff Hostel 300 300 600
4 Library & Auditorium 600 600 1200
5 Office 150 150
6 Principal's Office 100 100
7 Staff room 100 100 200
8 Computer Lab 100 100 200
9 Kitchen & Store Room 300 100 400
10 Dining Hall 600 600 1200
11 Bathroom 400 400 800
12 Medical & Activity Room 200 100 300
13 Guest Room 200 200
Total 6250 8700 14950

Basic Infrastructure and Grading

Read Basic Infrastructure and Grading Details here.

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The following documents should be enclosed with each affiliation application:

  1. Site map of the campus.
  2. Drawing and measurements of the building.
  3. Video and photos showing the different parts of the proposed building.
  4. Properly filled Checklist

The duly filled application form must be submitted to the CIC Administrative Officer on or before 31st December.