Basic Infrastructure

Basic Infrastructure


  • Each classroom must be arranged in 20x20 width (providing 10 sq.ft. per student in a classroom).
  • A screen or a similar divider will not be enough to separate between the classrooms.
  • Each class must have at least 15 students.
  • Adequate light and air-condition facilities shall be provided in each classroom (a minimum of two tube lights and two fans)
  • A division shall not exceed 30 students, and each row of four students must be provided with a separate bench and desk.
  • Blackboard and enough number of bookshelves along with the table and dais for teachers are also mandatory.


Libraries that fulfil the below requirements must be provided according to the different stages of the course:

  • Library must remain open from the time of Fajr to 11.00 PM.
  • It must have perfect width, coping to the strength of the college.
  • An increase of 20% to the total number of books shall be made after each academic year.

Preperatory (Thamheediyya)

  • Books in mother tongue: 500
  • Arabic children’s literature: 200
  • English children’s literature: 100
  • Urdu children’s literature: 50
  • Textbooks from the syllabus (Wafy, +2) along with their references.
  • Daily newspaper – Malayalam: 2, English: 1
  • Journals – Malayalam: 5, English: 1, Arabic: 1, Urdu: 1
  • Dictionaries –
  • Maps – World, India, Kerala
  • Enough shelves to arrange the books
  • Periodicals’ display stand, circulation table
  • Catalogue and registration system
  • Adequate number of tables and chairs (for at least 20% of total number of students)

Undergraduate (Aliya)

  • Books in mother tongue: 1000
  • Arabic Books: 700
  • English Books: 300
  • Urdu Books: 100
  • Textbooks from the syllabus (Wafy, Degree) along with their references.
  • Magazines: Malayalam - 5, English - 2, Arabic - 2, Urdu - 2
  • Journals – English, Arabic, Malayalam
  • Maps – World, India, Kerala
  • Enough shelves to arrange the books
  • Periodicals’ display stand, circulation table
  • Catalogue and registration system
  • Adequate number of tables and chairs (for at least 20% of total number of students)


  • Hostel must have 40 sq.ft. space per student along with a single cot and locking facility.
  • Dress box.
  • Enough number of iron boxes and tables.
  • A tiled bathroom and toilet per each eight students.
  • Dressing corners.
  • Emergency toilet beside the hostels.
  • Hostel rooms for teachers (50 sq.ft. single rooms with cot, bed, table, wardrobes and hangers).
  • Guestroom.


  • Adequate furniture: table, shelf, chair and visitors’ seat facility.
  • Devices: computer, printer and scanner, etc.
  • Files: CIC files, college files and inward-outward
  • Registers: students' admission register, teachers' admission register, teachers' attendance register, mark register, medical register, college movement register, leave register, assembly diary, staff meeting regiser and memo book, etc.
  • Seal, letterpad, notice board and internet connection.

Principal's Office

  • Table, chair, shelves and visitors' seat facility


  • Adequate number of table, chair and shelf

Computer Lab

  • One computer per each 20 students along with enough number of tables and chairs.


  • Anyplace that contain the full strength of the college (Masjid inside the campus can be used).
  • Proper sound system.
  • Stage.
  • Facility for video displaying.
  • Seating capacity as per the total strength.

Dining Hall

  • Seating capacity for the full strength of the college
  • Plate, glass and washing facilities
  • Food suppliers
  • Neat and clean tiled floors


  • A strictly followed balanced food menu (the menu shall be prepared considering different factors such as students’ age group, health directions, Kerala life style and students’ limitations).
  • Clean and tiled floor.
  • Systematic ways for waste composition.
  • Consistent fitness assurance of the kitchen workers.
  • Food safety certificate.

Other infrastructural facilities

  • Smart classroom: Projector, computer, sound system (including camera and internet facility required for e-classroom).
  • Students union office
  • Medical room
  • Compound wall
  • Water purifier
  • Reading area
  • Place and needed facilities for playing and exercise.
  • Power backup.
  • Enough facilities for washing and drying clothes.
  • Floor of the classroom, library, staffroom, auditorium, hostel, dining hall, kitchen, bathroom, and toilet should be atleast tiled.
  • A Wafy teacher is mandatory

Facilities required for Wafiyya

  • Safe own campus with a full-fledged building facility surrounded by high walls.
  • Front office (to provide a separate facility for the students’ visitors to meet them apart from the other students).
  • A Wafiyya teacher is mandatory.
  • Aged gents teachers / with conditions.
  • Fulltime mentors who abide by the Sharia laws, Islamic culture and dress code, in order to give proper guidance to the students.
  • Family accommodation facility must be provided to teachers if required.
  • Facility for congregational prayers.
  • Aged security guards outside the campus to ensure safety.
  • Only woman workers for cooking and food supply.
  • No engagement from any outsider shall be allowed whereby it may challenge the Islamic and learning atmosphere inside the campus.
  • Pardha and Maftha are the uniform.
  • Ladies friendly toilets.


There must be qualified teachers as follows:

Class No. of Teachers Qualification
Thamheediyya (Preparatory) 3 (Full time) PG
Aliya (Undergraduate) 7 (Full time) PG





(A teacher may not exceed tutoring a maximum of 5 hours per day so as 30 hours per week)

  • A basic salary of Rs: 15,000/- to PG holders. Those who hold a degree in both religious and secular streams will be considered equal to PG holder in terms of salary payment.
  • Salary increment must be implemented according to the criteria fixed by CIC.


Each institution providing academic or infrastructural facilities more than what is required will be inspected within every two years to classify and award grades and stars accordingly, which may be later, published in the admission prospectus of the following academic year.

The grade and star will be awarded as shown below:



90-100 %


80-89 %


70-79 %


60-69 %


Below 60 %